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Workshop Supplies List


Scott's current palette consists of the following colors (you are welcome, of course, to bring whatever colors you prefer):

•    Cadmium Yellow Lemon
•    Permanent Bright Red
•    Transparent Red Oxide
•    Alizarin Crimson
•    Ultramarine Blue
•    Ruby Violet
•    Thalo Green
•    Titanium-Zinc White

...plus the following greys, sold by Vasari based upon custom mixtures created by Scott to accelerate the time it takes to mix these colors from the three primaries:

•    Jasper
•    Cedar
•    Bluff
•    Bice
•    Adobe
•    Silver Point
•    Shale
•    Ship Rock

Individual tubes -- or boxed sets of all eight greys -- are available from Vasari Classic Artists’ Oil Colors: http://www.vasaricolors.com 

We provide Turpenoid Natural for your use throughout our workshops. Turpentine-type solvents are highly flammable and therefore illegal to transport by air. We also provide for safe disposal of all turps used during our workshops.
Scott uses Liquin, a medium manufactured by Windsor Newton, for both varnish and painting.
Any high-quality brush will do. Bristle Brights and Flats, sizes 2-8 for smaller work; larger sizes to suits your needs. Worn-out brushes are not recommended.

A good resource for high-quality brushes is Rosemary & Company: http://www.rosemaryandco.com
Use the wooden one provided in your portable easel. Treat it with linseed oil many times over: rub in, let stand, rub in, let stand, etc. Your wooden palette is designed to transport and keep wet paint, cleans easily, and doesn't flap in the wind. No paper palettes, please.

Since we will be working on many small starts, we recommend that you bring 15-20 small canvas panels (6 x 8"). Larger sizes are OK (e.g., 9 x 12", 10 x 12') but please do not bring anything larger than 16 x 20" unless you are a very experienced painter.
Scott uses AC14 acrylic prime mounted to Gatorfoam, Multimedia (non-buckle board), and Birch.

All are available at Wind River Arts: http://www.windriverarts.com
Please bring a portable easel that is equipped to withstand a variety of weather. Scott uses two styles: the EasyL easel and the Open Box M pochade boxes.
The Open Box M pochade boxes are particularly compact, portable, and durable, plus they can store wet paintings and are of the finest quality. The 10 x 12" size is recommended for travel while the 12 x16" boxes are great when closer to home.

•    Open Box M can be purchased directly from the manufacturer at: http://www.openboxm.com

•    Easy L Easels are available at: http://www.artworkessentials.com  (check out their wet panel carriers as well)


•    VIVA paper towels
•    Plastic grocery bags
•    Airtight paint thinner/turpenoid can (Holbein makes a good one)
•    1-2 squeeze clamps for securing various items to your easel
•    Hat
•    Water bottle (please stay hydrated to avoid high altitude sickness)
•    Sunscreen
•    Insect repellent

John F. Carlson, "Guide to Landscape Painting"
Edgar Payne, "Composition of Outdoor Painting"

AU Frames specializes in building hand-crafted, museum-quality frames using traditional guilding methods.

AU Frames: http://www.auframes.com
Sugar City, ID
(208) 656-0012

De Rus Fine Arts features an excellent selection of art books, many of which are out of print.

De Rus Fine Arts: http://www.derusfinearts.com
Bellflower, CA.
(562) 920-1312

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